The title of the blog:

Someone once told me that I never lived in the present, that I was either obsessing about the past or daydreaming about the future. I think that is right. Nostalgia and Futurism are two things that interest me the most, ergo the title.

The philosophical concept:

The West as we know it is dying, changing before our very eyes into a multicultural progressive globalized utopia. This blog, as the name implies, is focused both in the past and in the future. Like the ancient god Janus, it has two faces, one looking back and the other ahead. It will talk about art, it will talk about film, it will talk about politics, it will talk about life. It will not, however, focus much on contemporary pop culture, at least not as much as strictly necessary. Let other blogs talk about the present; we will muse nostalgically about the past and make terrible (or wonderful) prophecies about the future.

The author:

Zeno Cosini is a PhD in Literature, a writer and a film-maker. Sometimes he also has a day job. He currently lives in an undisclosed location in North America while he waits for the end of the world.