I’ve been meaning to change the name of this blog to Neurotic Anti-Globalist, because this describes more how I feel now. I am not much of a futurist, although I guess I am still nostalgic, but not for anything in present memory, more for olden times in which I’ve never lived.

Anyway, it is very clear to me that the main conflict in the world today is between Globalists and Nationalists, and I am on the side of the Nationalists. Or, rather, I am not sure if I am on the side of the Nationalists, but I am for sure against Globalism. It is a sick ideology that seems to be intent on destroying the world, or at least to cause suffering to millions, in the name of an insane utopia. Yes, pretty much like Communism, only worse. Because now it is not only about ending the differences between social classes, but about ending all differences between humans (sex, race, nation, ethnicity and even genetics).

This is impossible, of course, but it was also impossible to abolish social classes, and this didn’t stop them.

As someone said once, those who try to create Heaven on Earth end up creating Hell.

Now, you may think that globalism is harmless, as it has not caused yet a damage similar to communism in its darkest moments, but believe me, if things go on like this there will be chaos and pain for all.