A Jewish 80-year old billionaire owner of a basketball team has been banned from the NBA for life and is being forced to sell the team. It all looks a set up, but the accusations are very serious. You see, he is a “racist”.

He has a half-black lover and owns a majority black team, and is said to have discriminated against white players, but that doesn’t matter. He is “racist” because he said that he doesn’t want his mistress to post pictures in Instagram together with black athletes she sleeps with.

It all is a farce. The lover who framed him by (illegally) recording a private conversation is a Black-Mexican-Filipino bimbo who attends by the pseudonym “V. Stiviano”. She was carefully oriented by her lawyer in order to obtain a few “racist” sound bites that could be sent to the media and crucify the old man, because everyone knows that there’s nothing worse in the world than “racism”.

The objective seems to have been obtained: Sterling will be forced to sell the team. It is likely that powerful groups who wanted to buy the L.A. Clippers from him were behind the whole scheme.

That is not the tragedy. A gold-digging bitch and a scheming billionaire deserve each other, and they might both die and end in Hell for all I care.

The tragedy is that:

a) America is no longer a free country. It is no longer possible for anyone to have a personal conversation that contradicts the tenets of modern liberalism (or goes against the sacredness of blacks, gays, etc.). In that sense, the recent resignation of Brendan Eich, CEO of Mozilla and co-creator of Firefox simply for having made a perfectly legal contribution to a campaign favoring traditional marriage (i.e. the only kind of “marriage” as it was understood for thousands of years) is a signal in the same direction; also the resignation of the CEO of Github, because of the complains of a pseudo-feminist who had a hormonal cat-fight against his wife).

b) Even so, even this been clearly a power-play between big sharks, the majority of Americans seem to take at face value the “racism” allegations, and the idea that “racists” have it coming. For the majority of Americans, if you are even slightly “racist” or “homophobic” or “sexist”, then you no longer have free speech, and you should die. It is interesting to observe that no one is recriminating the old billionaire for cheating on his wife, or for doing dubious business, or the black-mexican bimbo for being a gold-digger and illegally recording conversations. No, all that is perfectly fine in the new America. But being “racist”, ah, that’s the real trouble.

Marx said that history repeats itself as farce. America is becoming a farcical repetition of the Soviet State, where you can’t say anything against the status quo, and where an elite has all the power while promising “equality” for the poor schmucks below.