There should be a special place in Hell reserved for Baby Boomers, the generation which came of age in the fateful year 1968, and which still acting out its last shenanigans.

Thanks to them, the world is a much worse place for us, their sons and grandsons. Today it is much harder to get married and have children, it is much harder to have a stable job that lasts for a lifetime, it is much harder get into a good University and not get indebted for life, it is much harder to buy a house, it is much harder to obtain all the things that people before 1968 took for granted. Yes, we have iPods and iPads and all forms of entertainment, and there was (they say) a lot of “social progress”, but is that really such a great deal?

TV series such as “Mad Men” focus on life in the pre-Boomer period, and while there is a superficial criticism of the “sexism” or “racism” of the period, what fuels the show is really nostalgia for a better world.

But we cannot blame exclusively the Boomers, for the following generations haven’t done much better, they just continued the deconstruction process that started to roll from the 60s onwards. Even today, new “fight for your rights” movements come and go, but in the end, they are just there to distract us from noticing that the situation is getting harder and harder for regular people.

Young people today fight for “gay marriage”, “immigration amnesty”, “pro-choice” and other irrelevant social issues, but, in the end, does any of that put food on the table? Does that change things that much for the rest of us? Not really. In fact, things such as illegal unchecked immigration only make things worse for the youth of today, reducing even more the opportunities of employment, and feminism has been bad for most men and women, except for a few. I mean, weren’t relationships much more stable back then?

Still, we mustn’t complain that much. Life is made of cycles, of ups and downs, and things one day will change back again, we will just have to pass through some social upheaval, economic crisis, war, or some other minor discomfort.