From an article published at Frontpage Magazine. It’s actually sad, I pity those poor people. If they were less naive they might be alive today. But we live in a cruel world.

The recent news that a young Canadian-American couple has disappeared while travelling in Afghanistan and is still unaccounted for shows the extent to which some people will go in order to fulfil their strange liberal fantasies. Caitlan Coleman was 27 year old and pregnant with child when the couple was last heard of, in October 2011. It is not clear how they managed to sneak into the war-torn country, but apparently they intended to “help Afghans” by finding work in a local aid agency. Caitlan, an American citizen, and her husband, Joshua Boyle, Canadian, were described by their parents as “naive” and “adventuresome” with a “humanitarian bent”; others might prefer to describe them less generously as “deluded” or “dumb liberals.”

As they say, read the full thing there. Or not.