A few weeks ago, Steve Sailer mentioned the Fayum Mummy Portraits. Recently I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and I had the opportunity to see some of those remarkable portraits. Here are a couple of pictures that I saw at the Met:

A little boy.

This guy looks like someone I know.

Now, at that time (we are talking around 100-300 A.D.) Egypt had been occupied by the Romans, and most of the population was either Egyptian, Greek or a mixture of both. It is not clear (for me, at least) the ethnicity of the portraits above. They look more or less like Southern Europeans of today, they could be Greek or Southern Italian. In any case, they do not look black. Here there are several more pictures from the same period, found in different museums all over the world.

However, we know that Ancient Egypt was actually a multiracial society and they had contact with the Nubians, so there probably was some mixing even at the time.

Here is an interesting discussion about the issue at Anthroscape.